Innovate TC-4 Plus (4 Channel Thermocouple Amplifier)

Temperature range 32-1999 deg F, 0-1093 deg C
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The TC-4 PLUS is 4 channel type-K thermocouple amplifier device that can be used a stand-alone system or as part of a MTS (Modular Tuning System). The TC-4 PLUS includes a digital input/output, 4 full-programmable analog outputs, and is ideal for applications such as dynamometers, data acquisition systems, or standalone ECUs.

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TC-4 Plus 4 Channel Sensor InterfaceK-Type thermocouple amplifier that adds 4 temperature inputs to an MTS Log Chain


  • K-Type thermocouple amplifier that adds 4 temperature inputs to an MTS Log Chain
  • Temperature range 32-1999 deg F, 0- 1093 deg C
  • 4-Configurable linear 0-5V analog outputs (one per input)
  • The TC-4 PLUS can be used to measure other temperature metrics such as intercooler inlet, outlet temperature and catalytic converter

Package Includes

  • TC-4 PLUS
  • Serial Program Cable
  • Molex to Molex Patch Cable(to daisy chain with other MTS compatible devices)
  • Manual

Installation and SetupInstallation is relatively simple.

Installation and Setup:

Installation is relatively simple. Complete documentation is supplied, and the support pages,user forum, videos application notes and tuner resources can also speed you on your way to effective tuning. Innovate also has a great network of local dealers, tuners, race shops, and dyno shops that can assist you in choosing, installing, and getting the most out of your Innovate products.

LogWorks Tuning Software (PC) LM-2
PC Data
Laptop / PC
Internal Data
32-ch., 36+
hours (17 min./MB)
32-ch., 36+
hours (17 min./MB)
    32-ch., 36+
hours (17 min./MB)
Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio (Lambda)              
Dual Wideband
Air/Fuel Ratio
Analog Outputs 2 2 2            
Digital Display
52mm Round
Gauge Display
Warning Light                
Analog Inputs 4 4     5 4   5  
5V output for Ext. Sensors          
Duty Cycle          
Thermocouple Amp.
        1   4 1  
MAP Sensor         To 44 psi     To 44 psi  

All Innovate products are completely modular, enabling you to build the perfect tuning system for your needs. The MTS is scalable, and all components share a common digital communications protocol. Here are a few examples of log chains that you might setup to tune in various situations:

Example #1: Log-Chain


This 28-channel example includes an LC-1 on every cylinder, a DL-32 for recording, two TC-4's for exhaust gas temperature (or CHT), an AuxBox (LMA-3) for intake and turbo temp, speedo & TPS, and lastly an XD-16 to monitor a channel in real-time, display warning conditions, and trigger log sessions.

Example #2: Log-Chain of 5 channels consisting of DL-32 alone


Notice the DL-32's input port does not need a terminator plug like some other MTS devices. It can auto-detect if something is plugged into its input port

Example #3: 7-channel Log-Chain example with 2 AFR channels


Notice that the LC-1's are connected BEFORE the first DL-32. LC-1's should always be connected before the first DL-32

Example #4: 17-channel Log-Chain example

The example chain consists of a LM-1/LMA-2, a LC-1, a LMA-3, a DL-32's and 2 XD-16's. In this case the chain has 17 channels (6 from LM-1, 1 from LC-1 and 5 each from the LMA-3 and DL-32).


Devices attached to the LM-1's 'Aux In' port count as being part of the LM-1's 6 channels. They don't count extra. XD-16's do not contribute any channels, so you can add as many as needed.

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