GReddy Intelligent Informeter Touch OBD2

3,5 Color TFT, compatible with all vehicles from 2004
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Greddy's Informeter Touch is an advanced engine monitoring system, with a color touch screen. This unit is simply a plug and play unit. It directly plugs into the OBD port and the 12V cigarette light plug. The infometer touch works with most vehicles, depending on certain vehicles the unit can display a large list of factory ecu signal items. The infometer can estimate power with weight/acceleration run, estimate fuel economy and cost in eco mode, data log up to 15 minutes of info, read and reset diagnostic trouble codes.
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Intelligent Infometer Touch OBD23,5 Color TFT, compatible with all vehicles from 2004


  • Up to 53 Items possible
  • 3.5” TFT color touch screen
  • ISO 14230, CAN, Non OBD
  • 3-way display direction
  • 6 read-out styles: Digital, Bar meter, Needle meter, Circle bar, Graph, Chart
Intelligent Infometer Touch
  • 5 display patterns: Couple, Tandem, Lord/Tenant, Couple/3 Fold, 6 Fold
Intelligent Infometer Touch
  • DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code: Reading & Resetting (depending on vehicle.)
  • 15 minute dataloging & playback
  • English or Japanese language
  • Metric or SAE measurements
  • Eco-drive, Fuel Economy, Power estimators
Intelligent Infometer Touch
  • GReddy v-manage, f-manage compatible
  • External Signal monitoring possibilities
  • Programmable Warning Alarms (visual/audio)
  • Programmable Max/Min Scales
  • Peak Hold Memory (LO / HI)
  • Selectable background patterns
Intelligent Infometer Touch
  • Day/Night settings
  • Size 75mm x 107mm x d16mm
  • Optional Sensor Adapter
  • Boost Sensor, Pressure Sensor (oil/fuel), & Temp (oil/coolant)
Intelligent Infometer Touch Intelligent Infometer Touch
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