Innovate LSU 4.9 Upgrade Kit, 3 ft.

Sensor Cable and O2 Sensor
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LSU4.9 Upgrade Kit, 3 ft. (Sensor Cable O² Sensor).No warranty for the Lambda Sensor**
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This sensor does NOT have warranty in case you use it or install it.
Please try the sensor before you install it. In case you found that the sensor does not work properly please contacy us as soon as possible.

Correct installation of Lambda sensor.
In order to make the sensor last longer you should know the followings:

  1. The sensor should never be installed the sensor on the exhaust without power supply in case the engine is running.
  2. The ideal distance of sensor installation from the downstream is just before the catalyst.
  3. If the installation position is no more 50cm from the downstream please use a special bung to remove heat.
  4. If the engine is working with high EGT temperature (more than 800C) like the turbocharged engines.You should install the sensor at least 60cm away from the downstream and use a special bung to remove heat.
  5. To prevent collection of liquids between this sensor housing and sensor element during the cold start phase, the installation angle should be inclined at least 10 towards horizontal with the electrical connection upwards.
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