GReddy Sirius Vision OBD II Set

68mm Clear Thin-Film Display - Control Unit - OBDII
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Sirius Vision is designed around our advanced thin-film electro luminescent display. The unique clear screen with intense lighting allows the unit to be used as a heads up display or to be combined with a Sirius Meter to overlay additional information.Sirius Control Unit allows the user to control which parameters are displayed on the Sirius Vision. All of the meters, regardless of combination, need to be operated through the “Sirius Control Unit“. 1 single “Sirius Control Unit” can operate up to 3 “Sirius Vision” units, 3 “Sirius Unify” units and 8 “Sirius Meter” units at a time. So, only 1 “Sirius Control Unit” is needed for 1 car. GReddy Sirius OBD Harness for easy installation and Plug & Play. The harness which makes it possible to connect GReddy SIRIUS to one-touch connection to the fault diagnosis connector (OBD II) of ISO CAN communication vehicles. (Compatible models only). When installing Sirius vision and Unify, it is possible to select from 6 patterns of boost, water temperature, intake air temperature, engine speed, vehicle speed, a voltage in the display.


  • Up to two sensor readings can be viewed simultaneously for each Sirius Vision display. (Depending on which sensor harnesses and sensors are attached to the Sirius Control Unit)
  • Up to three Sirius Vision displays can be connected to one Sirius Control Unit. (along with up to 8 Sirius Meters)
  • Any analog Sirius Meter can be attached to a Sirius Vision unit.
  • Dimmer function for screen brightness is controlled by the headlight’s ON/OFF switch
  • Select and display engine vital items form the 9 available inputs.
  • Maximum values can be displayed using the Peak Memory function.
  • Warning function can be set to desired values.
  • Compatible with 12V vehicles.
Greddy Sirius Vision Values

Available Sensors

Sirius Vision Available Sensors


Greddy Sirius Vision Dimensions

Wiring Diagram

Sirius Wiring Diagram Greddy Sirius Vision Greddy Sirius Vision

Sirius Control UnitSirius Vision and Sirius Meter Control Box


  • Links upto 4 Sirius Visions and 8 Sirius Meters (total 12).
  • Conrtols meter functions.
  • Compact control unit to access all the functions necessary to operate the sirius series meters.
  • Multiple meters can be controlled using one single Control Unit.
  • Self-Diagnosis function to quickly assess any connectivity issues.
  • Includes the main connector, communication harness and power supply harness.


Sirius Control Unit Dimensions Sirius Control Unit
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