AEM CD Carbon Serial-to-CAN Adapter Harness MoTeC

for the early MoTeC M4s (M4 with serial numbers 0-2999, all M48s and all M8s ECUs)
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The AEM Serial2CAN adaptor is designed to be a permanent installation in your vehicle and allows the serial output from your ECU to be used with devices that require CAN based communications and is designed to be the only device you need to convert the serial signals from your M4 based ECU into a CAN signal, even if you have an early M4 (or any M48/M8) based unit that requires a CIM to talk to a PC.

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On early ECU’s, as long as the proper AEM Serial2CAN adaptor is used (AEM 30-2230), no other comms devices are required. Early Motec ECU’s that normally require a CIM to communicate with a laptop DO NOT need to use the CIM to connect to the AEM Serial2CAN adaptor. The CIM functionality is built into the AEM 30-2230 Adaptor and the adaptor has the correct DB9 connector gender and pinout to replace the CIM in this permanent installation. This allows you to keep the CIM with your laptop rather than being forced to leave it with the car as part of a permanent dash installation.

To connect the Serial2CAN adaptor to the dash, plug the adaptor into the 4 pin connector on the main harness supplied with the dash and the other 4 pin connector into the power harness supplied with the dash. The Red & Black wires from the power harness should be connected to switched, fused 12V power and ground, respectively

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