PIAA DKRF35X LED Cube Lamp Drive Kit

Pair of LED Cube Lamps 2x8W at 6000K
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The PIAA RF3 3" LED Cube light features Reflector-facing LEDs that project off of an ingenious computer-designed multi-surface reflector offering more illumination than forward facing LED Lights. The RF3 kit includes two lights, mounting brackets, and complete wiring harness and detailed installation instructions. Bulb Type: Two 8-watt LED bulbs, with 6000K Color temperature for a pure white output. The low profile design is made up of a cast aluminum housing with high strength polycarbonate lens. The unique size allows for the RF3 to be mounted in several locations on any vehicle giving it a wide range of applications.
PIAA (DKRF35X) LED Cube Lamp Drive Kit 6000KLED Cube Lamps - Pair - 2x8W


  • Two 8W LEDs for low power draw
  • Reflector Facing Technology puts more light where the driver needs it
  • 6000K White Color Temperature to replicate daylight
  • SAE Compliant Long Range Driving beam pattern for superior visibility
  • 10G vibration validated to withstand the most rugged terrain

What's in the Box

  • Two RF3 LED Driving Lights
  • Pre-assembled Wiring Harness
RF Beam kit
RF Beam kit
RF Beam kit
RF Series LED Light BarsPIAA’s advanced Reflective Facing Technology (RFT)

PIAA’s advanced Reflective Facing Technology (RFT)

PIAA wanted to perfect LED lighting when we designed rearward-facing bulbs and new “first-in-the-industry” reflector technology. The innovative design offers significantly improved lighting and beam control compared to conventional LED and halogen lamps with forward-facing bulbs. The result is greater visibility for drivers.

Key to achieving these performance advantages is PIAA’s advanced Reflective Facing Technology (RFT). PIAA’s exclusive computer-designed, multi-surface reflector concentrates and focuses the beam pattern of the rearward-facing LED bulbs more precisely than forward-facing LED lamps.

The advantages are clear:

PIAA’s advanced Reflective Facing Technology
  • More controlled beam patterns directing the light exactly where you need it.
  • Lower power consumption than traditional forward facing LED lightbars.
  • Bright 6000k White light that replicates daylight to illuminate the road and the trail.
  • SAE Compliance for Street Legality.
  • Compact and durable, with the cast aluminum housings and polycarbonate lenses.

PIAA LED light bars are different from every other light bar out there. The RF Series feature Reflector Facing Technology (RFT) that concentrates and focuses beam pattern of the reflector-facing LED bulbs more precisely than forward facing LED lights. This allows for a true, controlled beam pattern, along with more light output per watt versus the competition.


PIAA RF 10" Light Bar - Driving

4 LEDs
Wattage: 32
Color: 6000k

Competitor Dual Row - Spot

Competitor Dual Row - Spot

20 LEDs
Wattage: 65
Color: 6000k

Competitor Single Row - Spot

Competitor Dual Row - Spot

4 LEDs
Wattage: 42
Color: 5000k


Beam Types

Fog/Foul Weather Lamps

Fog or Foul Weather Lamps compliment your vehicle's low beams for improved visibility in rain, fog, or snow. The distance of illumination is similar to your low beams but are significantly wider to bring road and trail shoulders into view. Fog lamps are available in white and amber colors.

Fog/Foul Weather Lamps

Driving/Long Range Lamps

Driving Lamps are designed to outshine the range and brightness of your vehicle's high beams. They are especially useful at higher cruising speeds where they help to identify hazards and signs long before they would be seen with high beams only. All Driving Lamps are extremely bright and must be dimmed in situations where you would not use your high beams.

Driving/Long Range Lamps

Hybrid/All Terrain Lamps

Hybrid / ATP lamps were engineered to give drivers the best combination of beam spread, height, and distance for a variety of uses. Longer range than Fog Lamps and wider than Driving Lamps, the Hybrid / ATP is the ultimate combination for drivers in need of a versatile lamp.

Hybrid/All Terrain Lamps

Flood/Backup Lamps

Flood / Backup Lamps offer wide, short distance light output that makes them a very versatile light. Mount them to the rear of your vehicle and pair with a backup harness so they switch on as you shift into reverse. Great as a Backup Light, Utility Light, or Work Light.

Flood/Backup Lamps
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